“A little less extreme, a lot more productive!”

Andy will represent the people of North Alabama and pass legislation by working across the aisle to develop solutions that work for all Americans. It is time to send a message to the radical left that their fear narrative is no longer valid in America.

  • Andy is a strong supporter of President Trump
  • Andy’s top issue is eliminating the radical left cancel culture and bringing people together to support one another and America regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.
  • America improves with capitalism. Andy will lead one of the most effective arguments to insure we maintain a conservative fiscal policy
  • Andy will protect the Second Amendment rights of our citizens. President Biden insulted hunters, and other Americans by stating “What, do you think deer are wearing Kevlar vests?” — Biden
  • Andy will pioneer a movement that brings more people to the Republican Party than any other candidate in history by debunking the left’s fear narrative. The chapter after chapter of fear to produce votes is on its last page.

We must meet our critical campaign fund goals to continue advertising and spreading our message. Please consider donating any amount below to help. “There will be a reunion in America and Andy will be the host!”

Who is Andy Blalock?

Andy is from the wonderful small town of Collinwood, TN, where he was raised on Christian principles. He grew up on a small horse and pig farm where he learned that hard work and success are synonymous with one another. Andy was the first male in his family to attend college and earn a degree. He graduated from the University of North Alabama in 2007 with a degree in biology and secondary education.

He moved to Huntsville, AL in 2007 and has been teaching for the Academy for Science & Foreign Language 14 years as a middle school Science Teacher, SGA sponsor, and Positive Behavioral Instructional Support chair. Andy loves basketball and has coached youth teams and middle school. In 2011 he moved to Athens, AL and purchased Grassland Ranch where he has taught kids and adults how to ride horses and barrel race. Andy enjoys helping others and meeting new people. He has served as the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) director over 13 North Alabama Counties and developed the “Honey Pot Barrel Racing Productions” hosting barrel racing events all over Tennessee and Alabama.

When you ask Andy how he grew from a young man with two sisters in an 850 sq. ft home to the first male in his family to graduate college and owning a ranch in Athens he will tell you its by building bridges and losing the matches. “You do not get anywhere in life by simply thinking about it or wishing for it. Hard work, an optimistic attitude, and respect for others will take you very far. Whatever you want must be a priority.”

Andy is blessed to reside in Athens, married to his husband Colton Bullard and surrounded by many wonderful people who have made this run for congress a possibility.

For more information and to get to know Andy please join him at a meet and greet coming soon. View the calendar page for up to date appearances and online live sessions.

A Look Into Andy’s Life


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