I have a plan for Illegal Immigration

President Biden and his policies are a national nightmare.  How can he go on a weekend break after seeing the pictures for the Del Rio bridge?  We have a mega crisis happening once again due to Biden.  As the next Congressman, I am not willing to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.  I will roll up my sleeves to place a real plan that will protect our borders from this foreign invasion.

✓ Building the wall
✓ Increasing funding for ICE
✓ Ending chain migration for non-immediate family members
✓ Ending “Birthright Citizenship” to “anchor babies” of illegal immigrants
✓ Ending the catch and release program that allows criminal illegal immigrants back on to our streets
✓ Ending sanctuary states by holding back federal funding
✓ Prohibiting taxpayer dollars from paying for attorneys for illegal immigrants
✓ Ending the abuse of asylum claims
✓ Ending the visa lottery system
✓ Prohibiting illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits such as health care, welfare, and housing.
✓ Increasing penalties on businesses that purposely hire illegal aliens
✓ Requiring mandatory employer verification
✓ Re-evaluating criteria for refugee status.
✓ Improving background checks on visas
✓ Withholding certain federal funds for states that allow illegal immigrants to get drivers’ licenses
✓ Ending visa overstays
✓ Increasing penalties for human trafficking
✓ Increasing funds for courts dealing with deportation disputes
✓ Enacting merit-based immigration reform to expedite naturalization process.

Like most Americans I am frustrated with the never-ending problem of illegal immigration.  Biden should have never repealed Trump’s executive orders.  By implementing my plan we will ensure that no extremist liberal President can ever destroy our borders in the future.

Published by andyblalock2022

A Conservative Republican! A rancher from Athens, AL and school teacher in Huntsville, AL.

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