Andy’s View On The Issues

Cultural Relativism & Social Unity

America is a diverse nation with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as a freedom and right to all citizens. Our founding fathers had no idea that technology would excel as it has today in the 21st century. With the press of a button citizens can share their opinion on any matter and it become viral within minutes. This can be a blessing and a curse. It doesn’t stop with social media; the mainstream media is out of control with reporting opinion in place of fact; taking snips of interview and appearances and leaving out the remainder of the clip to fit their narrative or agenda. We must examine these issues and repair our nation’s integrity with the people who live here and those abroad watching us as a leader of the free world. 

We should examine cultural relativism in our nation and the affect media has played on this idea. It is important that we are all able to see other cultures from their perspective and develop relationships and respect for one another despite our differences or beliefs. The media and radical left in congress have created a divide that could send us into a future Civil War. 

Stand with Andy to create social unity by examining the affects of media and extremist beliefs on our nations respect for one another. We can have different beliefs, but respect our nations laws and one another. We believe in free speech and freedom of the press, but news reporting should be examined and refined to reporting only facts and eliminating narratives and gas lighting rhetoric. 

Energy & Fuel Prices

Energy and the methods which it is obtained and used is a hot debate. The decision to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline should be left to the states associated with the pipeline route. Since the shut down of the pipeline we have experienced thousands of jobs lost, and rising fuel prices resulting in the price increase of many manufactured goods.

Allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to remain open, while also investing in renewable energy sources, provides thousands of jobs and allows Americans to travel more affordable, feed their families, and continue their hobbies and interests. When fuel prices rise, people stay at home and the economy suffers relative to this process. 

The extreme left will argue this is a false narrative from the right wing lobbyist. In 2018 America became the largest producer of crude oil in the world and remained in that capacity 2019 and 2020. During that time we saw fuel prices fall to an affordable rate and the economy began to soar. Since the November election for presidency oil prices “have risen 69%” according to New York CNN Business February 26, 2021. 

Put Americans to work with the pipeline while investing in renewable energy resources until it can replace the pipeline and provide affordable energy to keep America living happily. 


Andy supports lower taxes and a tax code that Americans can better understand. Currently, we pay taxes on income, then taxes on what’s left of our income to purchase items, which are taxed again to the seller of those items. 

Americans purchase homes and estates with what is left of their income, only to be taxed before heirs are allowed to inherit the estates (Death Tax). Andy supports the elimination of the death tax which requires a tax be paid before inheriting a property. This tax results in heirs having to sell some or all of the inheritance simply to pay the tax amount. 

Taxes should not be used in any form or fashion to re-distribute income resulting in a socialistic government. 


Andy supports a strong military and defense budget. America should stand as one of the greatest leaders of peace in the world. It is important that America has a strong and well-trained military to insure safety to our citizens and to our freedom. 

As a science teacher and patriot, funding of the Redstone arsenal and its rocket and missile defense programs is very important to Andy. “The world is evolving and so are the weapons and technology to protect us.”

The military deserves top funding for its purpose and for the brave men and women who serve. In addition, veteran services should be easily accessible and abundant to all who are currently serving or who have served in the past. 

Immigration & Border Crisis

Andy supports an America that welcomes people to this great nation from all parts of the world. However, he believes in properly applying for a green card and further becoming a citizen in order to not only enjoy the benefits of work and leisure in this country, but to contribute to taxes and the funding of our countries infrastructure just as legal citizens do. 

The border crisis is out of control. Andy supports the completion of Donald Trump’s border wall and harsher punishment on illegal citizens who commit crimes. 

Immigration reform is an important issue as we are a “nation of immigrants” dating back to Colonial America. America has attracted bright minds for centuries and should continue to do so. An effective immigration reform would provide better resources to immigrants, and shorter wait times, including a merit-based immigration reform to expedite naturalization.


✓ Building the wall
✓ Increasing funding for ICE
✓ Ending chain migration for non-immediate family members
✓ Ending “Birthright Citizenship” to “anchor babies” of illegal immigrants
✓ Ending the catch and release program that allows criminal illegal immigrants back on to our streets
✓ Ending sanctuary states by holding back federal funding
✓ Prohibiting taxpayer dollars from paying for attorneys for illegal immigrants
✓ Ending the abuse of asylum claims
✓ Ending the visa lottery system
✓ Prohibiting illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits such as health care, welfare, and housing.
✓ Increasing penalties on businesses that purposely hire illegal aliens
✓ Requiring mandatory employer verification
✓ Re-evaluating criteria for refugee status.
✓ Improving background checks on visas
✓ Withholding certain federal funds for states that allow illegal immigrants to get drivers’ licenses
✓ Ending visa overstays
✓ Increasing penalties for human trafficking
✓ Increasing funds for courts dealing with deportation disputes
✓ Enacting merit-based immigration reform to expedite naturalization process.


If you are challenged by health, and should require medical assistance, you will most likely realize after only one visit, the frustration experienced in health care. 

Healthcare should be patient-centered and implemented as a free market to encourage competition and reduce costs. 

Bottom line- competition in healthcare and prescription drugs will lower prices and allow opportunities to provide healthcare that is more affordable to those who currently do without. 

Andy supports Tort Reform; malpractice cases are out of control due to government involvement and the ability of trial lawyers to gas light minor situations. This in turn, causes health care providers to omit mistakes and put patients at greater risks. 

Andy supports a medical savings plan and Medicare reform to allow seniors more choices for healthcare rather than a one-size-fits-all plan. Andy also supports incentives to clinics with a “one stop shop” approach where patients can receive x-rays, ultra sound, blood work, and more all within one visit. Currently, many hospitals require a consultation, followed by lengthy wait times for patients needing these services. 


Education of our children is key to the future of this great nation. Education should be left to the states to decide with less involvement from the government. 

Andy supports school choice, home schooling, and the addition of charter and magnet schools as options for parents and students. 

Andy believes in a strong focus on student resources in high school to prepare for college, as well as opportunities for agricultural education, home economics, and other vocational options should students prefer a career in a specific trade. 

We cannot allow Critical Race Theory to be taught in schools. There is a major difference between CRT and including Black History in our lessons. Government should promote unity, not division, and CRT is not conducive to that idea in education.

Andy supports the lottery in Alabama. It is high time we provide this option to our citizens so that Alabama schools receive the assistance. Approve the lottery and allow the citizens as individuals the right to choose to participate. 

Second Amendment Rights

We have been taught the second amendment is for the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government should they begin to take away the people’s rights. 

The extreme left wants to take away your right to bear arms by banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition and “military-style assault weapons.” How do we defend ourselves from a tyrannical government should they take away weapons that are consistent with military? 

Guns are NOT the problem. Criminals will not stop violence in schools, churches, and homes simply because we ban what has been labeled as “assault weapons.”

Making people aware of the gun laws, educating Americans on the proper use of guns, and providing a clear and easy method to carry protection should be provided to Americans throughout our country. 

If we hope to see a decrease in violence, the consequences of these crimes should be strong, swift, and without mercy! “For judgement is without mercy to the one who has not shown mercy.” — James 2:13

Andy will fight for your right to bear arms. While we do not all agree on the methods to improve safety for Americans, we can all agree we want to decrease violence. Andy will work hard in congress to develop solutions that work for everyone. 


Andy is pro-life and advocates for protection of the sanctity of life. We cannot ignore this issue, and legislation should be examined to provide resources for prevention of pregnancy, easy adoption process, and include exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and health of the mother. This is an issue you will not see much detail on other candidates site, because they are not willing to have the discussion during an election year.


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